No single invention has had a more significant impact on the industrialization of a nation then the automobile. In the last century alone, the automobile has mobilized a nation, brought people and places closer together and simply made the world a more accessible place. It is no small wonder that the collector car market is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to thrive in a challenging economy. Whether it be a vacation, first date, engagement or family event, everyone has a fond memory involving a special vehicle.

It is with that history in mind that Bill Munday began to form the basis for the Munday Auto Collection. A business owner and automobile dealer in the Austin area for over 35 years, Bill Munday has first hand experience with regard to the changes an automobile can bring to a town or an individual. In fact, it is the automobile that brought him to Central Texas. The Munday Auto Collection is a true representation of the genesis the automobile has gone through in the last century containing significant vehicles from 1924 to 2003.

Each vehicle has been personally selected based on automotive significance, overall condition and accuracy to historical presentation. Duesenbergs, Packards, Pierce-Arrows, Cadillacs, Studebakers, the names are legendary and it would be impossible to find comparable examples anywhere in the world as in several instances there are no others in existence. True one a kind rolling history lessons.

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